you are here final

Isn’t it true…those large shopping center directories, you know…the ones that tell you “YOU ARE HERE”, are really something we deep down wish we could have on hand throughout our journey in life?

A simple little map, with clarity, vision, and a fabulous understanding of how to avoid the bumps in the road, the ‘dead ends’ of life’s little mishaps.

I mean, we look at that map and think, “Ok, if I am HERE and I need to get THERE, then I just simply follow the route”…simple, isn’t it?

Well, in life, in fact the day you and I were born, we were given a gift.

The Torah.

Our blueprint for life. Our very own directory that helps remind us “YOU ARE HERE”….you are in G-d’s beautiful world, with a special soul, endless opportunities to nourish it.

So, consider standing in front of Mount Sinai, looking above at the luminous Aseres Hadibros (Ten Commandments, Our Torah, Our Blueprint for life)…and feel that you really are here you really are present in your connection to G-d, to Judaism, to your soul.

Consider you are running a spiritual marathon…I mean, arent we all in midst of our journey, tracking our distance from where we came from, using our GPS calibrated to the rhythm of our soul, reaching goals, aspirations and dreams?

3317 years ago we received the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai. No cell phone panoramic view, no Facebook to tag who was ‘there’, no online registration to track attendance…

Yet, you and I were there with every soul of the Jewish nation. Yup! Just imagine, the biggest most unbelievable selfie on earth! Only it was our souls that were capturing the moment, zooming in, focusing on our commitment to G-d.

How about re-living the moment, in the moment?

At Chabad, we provide these meaningful experiences that nourish our body and soul.
And in case you are wondering how we do that?
Well, come join us and see.

Find out how in fact, every Jewish Holiday taps into the divine energy that occurred at the original moment in time.

And of course, who runs a marathon without a wholesome breakfast?

After all, this IS the Breakfast of Champions! (Ok…maybe Brunch:)

So, bring a friend, and come by to celebrate, eat, and connect. To ourselves, to each other, to G-d.

Mark your calendar for Sunday May 24th 9:00am – Noon….

Ya…we know…it’s Memorial Day Weekend…but surely a little prayer and some cheesecake won’t hurt?


One thought on “YOU ARE HERE.

  1. Karen Benjamin says:

    I never thought of that before, but you’re right, counting the Omer has been helpful to think in this way too and reading the sections every day
    I am here but where was I, where do I want to be and when and how will I get there, which one of the roads will I take
    It really makes me think

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