at 4:30pm

January 16
Go Behind the scenes to experience the mystical art of Torah Writing. Practice on your own scroll and get a letter in a Children’s Unity Torah.

February 13
Work together to grow a better world. Learn about your power to make an impact and uplift the world. Create of Tree of kindness expressing different ways you can spread goodness and kindness. Make your own seed bombs to plant at home and continue to spread the goodness. 

March 13
Hamantashen Baking!

April 3
Your time machine awaits. Experience the wonder, the freedom, and the triumph of our ancestors in Egypt, as we travel back in time with a miracle-filled Pesach experience, featuring an interactive 3D video, games, and team-challenges.

May 22
It’s time to learn about the birthday you never knew you had-your Jewish Birthday! Create your own Hebrew Calendar and decorate a framed certificate of your special day!