We have made special arrangements for Yom Kippur this year due to the upcoming hot weather. Additional umbrellas were purchased as well as a misting system to keep us all cool throughout the day. The misting system is supposed to lower the temperature up to 30 degrees. Please follow our strict COVID 19 guidelines. 

The service will be shorter this year and we plan on making it meaningful and haimish like we always do. 

1) Masks must be worn at all times.
2) Yarmulkahs and Talit will not be provided, please bring your own.
3) There is no bathroom available either, please plan accordingly.
4) Prayer books will be provided, please leave them on your seat when done.
5) Please do not touch or kiss the Torah.
6) Singing is allowed with masks on.
7) There will be no honorariums to open the Ark this year.
8) if you are honored with an Aliyah, please follow the rabbi’s instructions regarding where to stand etc.
9) You may use hand sanitizer in any form as long as it is dispensed directly into your hands.
10) As in the past, please refrain from bringing a cell phone, should you need to have one, make sure it’s on vibrant and if for an emergency you need to make a call please exit the area outside to the street.
11) There will be no Kiddish following services.
I’m sorry there are so many rules and guidelines, but for everyone’s safety, these rules will strictly enforced. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me before hand should you have any questions.

Yom Kippur 2020

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